Toy Shop, April 2019
Performance in 'Zout Exploder' by DE PLAYER, Rotterdam, NL
Duration 10 minutes

Acting Agency, June 2019
Performance at Locatie Z, the Hague, NL
(Stills from video documentation by Marta Hryniuk and Nick Thomas (WET film))
Performers: Josie Perry, Teddy Coste and Olga Hohmann
Duration 11 minutes
Panda To Me, August 2019
Performance in 'Pulp Puppets' at Twenty One, venue of Focal Point Gallery
(Stills from video documentation by Daphne Simons)
Performers: Josie Perry, Teddy Coste, Olga Hohmann and Jamie Kane
Duration 18 minutes
An (ongoing) series of performances and texts joined by a fictional framework. Performances for DE PLAYER, Rotterdam (NL), Locatie Z, Den Haag (NL), and Twenty One, venue of Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea (UK).