Images from performance in 'Nadie sabe que los gérmenes acaban de llegar,' curated by Allélon,
Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Barcelona, February 18 – April 17 2020.

Photos by Marc Llibre/CCCanFelipa, 2020

A performance involving rhythmic speaking, music loops, props, and an increasingly incoherent story involving the absurd collision of an orthodontic procedure and a call center job.
Images from 'Dark To Lick', 2.10.2020, Stichting Perdu, Amsterdam (NL)
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Retainers (2020)
A series of three performances joined by a fictional framework, in which a society consumed by its pursuit of extremely
accelerated education develops (among other things) a dystopian attitude towards the interchangeability of
people’s jobs, social functions, and subjectivities.
Acting Agency (2019-20)
'Toy Shop'
Performance in 'Zout Exploder' at DE PLAYER, Rotterdam, NL (April 2019)
Duration 10 minutes

'Acting Agency'
Performance at Locatie Z, the Hague, NL (June 2019)
(Stills from video documentation by Marta Hryniuk and Nick Thomas (WET film))
Performers: Josie Perry, Teddy Coste and Olga Hohmann
Duration 11 minutes
'Panda To Me'
Performance in 'Pulp Puppets' at Twenty One, venue of Focal Point Gallery (August 2019)
(Stills from video documentation by Daphne Simons)
Performers: Josie Perry, Teddy Coste, Olga Hohmann and Jamie Kane
Duration 18 minutes
'Happy Meals' (performed at the Piet Zwart Institute, 2018)
Duration 16 minutes
Performers: Josie Perry and Olga Hohmann
Happy Meals (2018)