'From Outside Or From Within But From Another Angle', Joey Ramone Gallery, Rotterdam, NL. 15.09 – 09.11.2019
Installation image from group exhibition with Fito Conesa, Ilke Gers, Josie Perry, Víctor Santamarina, Ian Waelder
Photographs by Kiki Petratou
2 A0 drawings commissioned for 'An Exhibition of Posters' at Kunstinstituut Melly, Rotterdam, NL. April 2019 – August 2020
With Maja Bekan, Kévin Bray, Chloë Delanghe, Baldvin Einarsson, Priscila Fernandes, Vera Gulikers, An Onghena, Kevin Osepa, Josie Perry, Rory Pilgrim, Tramaine de Senna and Edward Clydesdale Thomson
Photograph by Aad Hoogendorn.
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Mural in 'Nadie sabe que los gérmenes acaban de llegar,' curated by Allélon, Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Barcelona, February 18 – April 17 2020
Photo by Marc Llibre/CCCanFelipa, 2020
Collaborative installation with Daphne Simons in 'JAM POD' at Stichting Sign, Gröningen, NL (November 4 – December 5 2021).
Pictured: 'Making Friends', (digital video projection, 28:19 mins on loop); 'Queens These Days' (site-specific mural); 'Leonor's Muses' and 'Eel Uprising,' (coloured pencil on paper, 29.7 x 42xcm).
The installation also featured a kinetic sculpture and lightboxes. The video 'Making Friends' features the following contributors: Hydravox, Calypso Hetherington, Barnaby Wynter, Petter D. Perrson, Li-Ming Hu, Yanik Soland, Marianna Angel and Jamie Kane, and relates to the plot of our second comic book 'PLASMA FREEZE: Making Friends' (2020). Huge thanks to Linus Bonduelle and Niloufar Nematollahi for various technical help.
Photos by Silvia Arenas.
Collaborative installation with Daphne Simons in Material Conext, Piet Zwart Institute MFA Graduation Show at Het Archief (Rotterdam, NL. July 2021).
Pictured: 'Making Friends' (Two-channel digital video projection, 28:26 on loop); 'Male Mail Men' and 'Celine's Resurrection Room' (Lightboxes, 43 x 60 cm); 'Mickey Angel's Private View' and 'Salon at the Centre of the Earth' (Coloured pencil on paper, 29.7 x 42xcm).
Photos by Nick Thomas of Studio Wolphi and Guillem S. Arquer.
'Retainers,' 2020. CNC-carved and painted wood. Exhibited in 'Material Context' at Het Archief, Rotterdam, 2021; photo documentation by Guilllem S. Arquer.
Cradle, 2018. Painted and lacquered wood, various treated fabrics, cardboard, plaster.
Exhibited in 'See Here', The Old Auction House, Nottingham, 2018.
'Appendage,' 2015. Temporary site-specific installtaion at The Florey Building. Cardboard and MDF.